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Prom Car Hire Near Me | SPM Hire

Explore Exotics luxury range of Prom car hire near me

Prom Car Hire Near Me: Selection of luxury

In this world, every person was born with some dreams. Some dream about owning a luxurious car whereas some people get satisfied just by having those cars been used once in their life by hiring them. The luxurious range of prom car hire near me is available in a wide range at SPM.

In London, there are many companies that provide prom cars for hire. All these companies see to it that their customers must have a great experience with these luxurious cars while celebrating their special moments. SPM is one among these companies that have created a unique identity for itself by providing this service at an affordable cost and at the reach of every middle-class person. Actually, in every student’s life prom is a special moment that comes after a great workout throughout the year. And every student will plan according for this moment, he/she will be very clear and specific about the prom car hiring service that is available near them and will always see to it that the car must be available at a reasonable price and even should be of their choice.

Different types of Prom Cars

When it’s about the prom moment, it is all about to spend the time to have a lavishing look with themselves as well as with the prom cars. Generally, the cars that were opted for prom were incredibly expensive, eye-wateringly hot and almost gives an emotion as if you have won the lottery.

SPM has a wide range available from the luxury cars to a beautiful sports car if you are a single person and even a lush party buses if you’re arriving for prom as a group.

Let’s have a list of Luxury prom car hire near me,

Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead

prom car hire near me | SPM Hire

Among the Rolls Royce immense collections, this one is a most luxurious, handmade convertible Rolls that is highly expensive. This model is based on the 2003 Rolls-Royce Phantom and has the styling that has heavily derived from the 100EX, a concept car unveiled to celebrate the company’s centennial in the year 2004.

Porsche Panamera: This model is derived from the Carrera range that was huge in the 80s. This Porsche Panamera is built upon the great iconic vehicle. This luxurious car was manufactured by the German automobile manufacturer. The Porsche Panamera is ranked as 3 in super luxury cars. Overall, the current score for this car in all the aspect is 8.8 out of 10 where it was evaluated based on the 14 pieces of research and data elements using various sources.

Rolls Royce Ghost: This model is something that can give an experience of having a masterpiece of simplicity. The official name of the Rolls Royce Ghost was originally announced in April 2009, and even the vehicle was officially unveiled at the year 2009 which later went on for sale in September 2009. This luxurious car is designed upon the inspiration of the Golden ratio, the iconic Rolls-Royce pantheon grille that marks a new era. This collection has sweeping lines that have been added for an intense and driver-focused purpose. The Ghost is based on a heavily modified platform that was shared with the F01 BMW 7 series.

prom car hire near me | SPM Hire

Bentley Arnage: The Bentley Arnage is a large luxury car that was produced by Bentley Motors in England from the year 1998 to 2009. This model is considered to be an iconic British car which is no longer in production but because of its un-faded appeal, it is still in demand. It is an absolute beast, but a classy one. Bentley Arnage is over 5 metres (197 in) long, 1.9 metres (75 in) wide and weighs 2.5 tonnes.

Revere Range Rover: This is a car that is recognised for its lavishing look and performance. This model has created its own demand in the market with its size and stature. This car has many highlighted lavishing key features one among them is the Pixel-laser LED headlights with signature DRL that provides the ultimate headlight option, and its laser technology delivers five times higher luminance. This is the first vehicle to get combines with the luxury and refinement with world-renowned all-condition capability, and still, Range Rover continues to be leading edge.

Porsche 911 Turbo: Among all the sports car ranges, this Porsche 911 Turbo has consistently come out as a top of all international polls for Car Awards. This is the only car that has stayed continuously in production since it was launched. It is because of its mind-blowing beauty which has attracted the celebrity towards it.

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