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East London, the reason we based our showroom in the heart of east London was to make sure we aren’t too far away from our desired clients. We want to make sure from East we can easily get access to north, south, west and of course east itself. We like to keep our customers comfortable when they are using our service or even when they are not, being in East London gives us that advantage for customers not to travel to far for their hire.

From a lot of market research, we have found out that most car hire is done in East London, there is a large amount of customers who liked to hire cars in east LondonCar Rental business has really grown in areas such as Mile end, White Chappell, Ilford and so on. To ensure these people have a car rental company very close to them, we opened up in Newham, which is not in far distance from any of these places.


Wedding car hire, London Luxury car hire, Executive car hire, Prestige car hire, performance car hire, celebrity car hire, special occasion car hire as well as many car occasions for car hire.


Car hire East London as mentioned earlier is very popular, we have customers coming from all ages, from there teens to there late 30s, we have all types of customers. Prom students who want to be chauffeured in luxuryprestige car hire, to brides and grooms who would like to hire wedding car with high profile luxury type of wedding with one our favourite cars the Rolls Royce Phantom. In summer we have our young customers who have just finished school and want to attend there prom in a car chosen by them. With our fun professional chauffeurs, we ensure these customers have the best time of their life, and recommend us to their family and friends.

Alongside this, brides and grooms from east London are given the attention with our luxury and prestige cars such as Rolls Royce Phantom and Bentley Flying SpurCar Hire East London is one of the most popular areas in London for car hire, but other areas such north is not far behind. At SPM we love to provide to customers coming from all regions and all areas and treat everyone the same.


Being an East London Car Hire company we like to keep up the reputation of the capital of UK, which is known to be professional and keeping customers satisfied at all times. We ensure our customers have nothing to complain about and if they do, then we like to take feedback from our customers which will allow us to improve, everyone makes mistakes but we like to minimise our mistakes and if we do make a mistake we like to make sure that mistake isn’t made again.

This also gives us the advantage of a free of charge delivery, areas within East London we will not charge if a hire needs to be delivered, we will ensure our customers are happy and satisfied and if they cannot make it to our showroom to receive their car hire, we will deliver to them and with us being based in East London it gives us that extra advantage over other companies.